Hardwood floors have become a most popular choice when it comes to flooring options within the home or office as they offer many different options for home and business owners like color, size and finish. Hardwood floors have become popular due to their ability to beautify a room, easier clean up when there is a spill and improve the overall look of a home or business. While hardwood floors may seem like a great way to go if you are trying to decide on new flooring, there are some important tips you should know about when it comes to proper hardwood floor maintenance.

Pure Steam Carpet Cleaning has prepared a list of a couple of tips to keep your hardwood floors looking like new

Take your shoes off when on carpet – One of the most important rules to enforce in your home is to take your shoes off. When you walk on wooden floors with dirty shoes, you leave a significant amount of sand and dirt behind, sometimes even visible foot prints from the dust that you brought in on your shoes. This is unsightly and will get annoying very quickly if not dealt with properly. The abrasive particles that are found in dirt and sand can actually ruin your hardwood floor, so take the initiative by putting floor mats at every entrance and enforcing the no shoe rule.

Don’t over wet hardwood floors – While removing shoes is a great way to lessen the blow your floor takes from dirt and sand, unfortunately it will not completely eliminate the presence of these materials. So when it comes to properly cleaning your hardwood floor, do not immediately jump to the option of a wet mop. Rubbing dirt into your floors is never a good idea. The best way to remove dirt and sand from your hard wood floor is to vacuum. While vacuums are mostly associated with carpet, do not hesitate to go over your hardwood floor with a vacuum. Most vacuums have a bare floor setting and will easily pick up dirt, pet hair and sand right off your hardwood floor.

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While regular vacuuming and enforcing the no shoe rule will assist in keeping your hardwood floors looking exceptional, it is essential to have your hardwood floors professionally cleaned at least once a year. A deep clean is needed to ensure that your floors are completely free from mud and other materials that can build up in the cracks of your floor. Contact Pure Steam Carpet Cleaning to have your hardwood floors professionally cleaned and looking new all year long.